How to use a manual Breast Pump


Manual breast pumps are relatively simple and less expensive. The construction of this kind of pump does not require any battery to operate and the process of expressing milk will take a lot of time. It has a shaped sheet to be placed on the nipple and it can be manually operated to suck out the milk in the accompanied bottle. The most important feature of this kind is that you express the amount of milk you need small or large quantity. The following are the steps to express breast milk using manual breast pump-

  •         Clean the breast pump after each use and sterilize it just before you decide to express milk.
  •         Select the right time to express the breast milk. Why this is important because if you have just fed the baby and immediately start extracting with the pump you may not get the amount. You should have enough time in your hand for this process since it is time-consuming. So the best time is when the baby is feeding on one breast, use the pump on second breast or one hour after feeding your baby
  •         When you are relaxed and feel that milk has let down in the breast, cover the nipple with the shield.
  •         When the shield is properly placed on your breast, hold it with one hand and start the squeezing with the provided handle using other hand. The collected milk will flow down and get stored in the bottle.
  •         Continue squeezing and collecting milk till you are sure that all the milk is expressed. It will take nearly forty-five minutes.
  •         After expressing completely, remove the shield. Wash it with mild soap and sterilize it before next use.
  •         Store the expressed milk in the refrigerator. You can also freeze it so that it lasts longer. You can store the milk for three days.  Warm the milk before feeding it.

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The manual pump  (here you can find out why sometimes an electric pump is better) is preferred by the women who want the whole process to be simple and the pump is of a comfortable size to handle. It is a better option if you have to express milk occasionally.  To mothers this model is just like the natural process of the baby sucking milk, giving the mother more contentment. It also lets her control the rate of suction just matching that of her baby

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