Gas grill maintenance tips you should know

I love spending summer evenings with the family and friends while grilling and enjoying the fruits of my efforts together with the people I care about. This means I have to keep my gas grill working optimally. A gas grill is typically designed for lasting use. However, that does not mean it won’t be necessary to spend a decent amount of time cleaning and maintaining it.



Cleaning my gas grill


eg6Although experts recommend deep cleaning of a gas grill just one or two times a year, I believe it should be done every few months since I do regular grilling the whole year round. There could be any number of things that could build up pretty fast such as grease from burgers, chunky splatter from marinades and vegetables falling through the grates. Cleaning should be done before and after the grilling season. I use a good quality stiff-wire grill brush, an empty bucket for the debris I collect, another bucket with warm, soapy water plus an old sponge that I won’t be using again. I give the grates a really good scrub with the brush after removing them and the briquettes. I towel dry the grates and then put them back into the grill. I eg7also give the burner protectors a good scrub with my sponge and warm, soapy water. Since the burners in my grill are easy to remove, I give them a good rinse in the warm soapy water as well. If the burners in your grill are hard to detach, simply take a damp sponge and wipe them down. I also remove the collected gunk from the plates beneath the burners then scrape away any chunks from the edges onto the removable tray. I use the sponge to get some of the grime and grease off the tray.


Maintenance tips

eg8I make sure to check routinely for propane leaks. I do this by running some soapy water along the connections and gas line with the propane switched on to see if bubbles form, which is a sign of a leak. When this happens, I either simply tighten the connection or replace the line altogether. I also keep my gas grill covered when I don’t use it to protect it from the elements and shield it from corrosion and dirt. I do spot cleaning after every use by brushing the grates and using Windex to wipe down the exterior. I burn off some of the excess debris by turning the grill up to high for a good 15 minutes once a week.

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